Check Grid Extension Feasibility


The purpose of this tool is determine whether the grid as designed can deliver reliable power to each customer.

  • Make sure that each line is under the maximum KV constraint (otherwise it is a fire hazard)
  • Make sure that each line is over the minimum KV constraint (otherwise the customer is not getting reliable power)

A basic power flow analysis should be sufficient but more complex techniques are encouraged as well.

Tool Arguments

  • Generator = Power Source
    • Point WKT (Longitude, Latitude)
    • Base KV
  • Electricity Lines
    • LineString WKT (Longitude, Latitude)
    • Maximum KV
    • Minimum KV
  • Electricity Meters = Building Points
    • Point WKT (Longitude, Latitude)
    • Electricity Consumption Profile as CSV with rows representing hourly or daily measurements

Result Properties

  • Electricity Lines
    • KV Profile Over Time


  • The customer that is requesting the tool is more interested in running the tool than in having ownership of the code.
  • The customer is willing to run an online tool and does not need an offline version.


  • Tool URL


Option 1: Revenue Share

  • Creator retains full intellectual property and commercialization rights over the code.
  • Creator receives 20% of revenue from tool.

Option 2: Milestones

  • Creator transfers intellectual property and commercialization rights to CrossCompute.
  • Creator receives a payment after each milestone.


CrossCompute will inspect the code to ensure quality and security.


Please email if you are interested in working on this project. Include links to your GitLab or GitHub profile and 2-3 completed projects.