Check Grid Extension Feasibility


The purpose of this tool is determine whether the grid as designed can deliver reliable power to each customer.

  • Make sure that each substation does not exceed its maximum capacity in KV (or the substation will need an upgrade).
  • Make sure that each line does not exceed its maximum capacity in KV (which is a fire hazard).
  • Make sure that each customer (electricity meter) receives a minimum KV.

A basic power flow analysis should be sufficient but more complex techniques are encouraged as well.

Tool Arguments

  • Substations = Power Sources
    • Location (Longitude, Latitude)
    • Maximum KV
  • Electricity Lines
    • Maximum KV
  • Electricity Meters = Building Points
    • Electricity Demand Profile Over Time
    • Minimum KV

Result Properties

  • Electricity Lines
    • KV Profile Over Time