Climate Regions Identification Tool

Climate Regions is a resourceful tool designed to help professionals and researchers in the fields of geography, climate science, environmental studies, and even travel planning. The tool classifies the climate of any geographical location based on its latitude and longitude coordinates, making it a practical solution for those who need to understand global climate variations.

Getting Started with Climate Regions Identification Tool

The process of climate classification with this tool is straightforward and requires just two variables - ‘latitude’ and ‘longitude’.


-‘Latitude’: This numeric value should range from -90 (South Pole) to +90 (North Pole), indicating the distance north or south from the equator of your chosen location.

-‘Longitude’: This numeric value should range from -180 to +180, specifying how far east or west your location is from the Prime Meridian, which passes through Greenwich, London.

After entering these values in the corresponding fields, you are ready to proceed.


Click the “Continue” button to initiate the climate classification process. The tool uses sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the given coordinates and determine its climate region.


The Climate Regions tool generates two outputs:

-‘Climate Region’: This output classifies the climate of the location you provided. For instance, it could be a tropical rainforest, a desert, or a tundra region.

-‘Summary’: This output gives a detailed overview of the climate region, including its typical weather patterns, temperature range, precipitation levels, and more.

Comparing Different Climate Regions:

The tool allows you to analyze multiple locations for comparison. Simply input new latitude and longitude values and hit “Continue” to generate the climate data for another location.

Customer Support:

If you encounter difficulties or have questions about the Climate Regions tool, our dedicated support team is available to assist. Contact us at For additional resources related to climate and geography, please visit