CrossCompute Report Marketplace 2021 Metrics

We will update these metrics as the year progresses!


  • Interviewed X researchers on how their work could be useful as runnable reports
  • Published X tutorials and Y videos in Z languages on how to automate reports
  • Published W articles and X videos about Y reports from Z researchers
  • Supported X researchers who earned $Y from subscriptions and $Z from ads


  • Tested X people who have never seen the product before
  • Let researchers automate reports by editing configuration files
  • Let researchers update report text and styling from the web interface
  • Let analysts combine reports without touching code
  • Let analysts schedule how often their reports run
  • Let analysts define report alerts


  • Interviewed X potential partners from Y organizations
  • Interviewed X potential customers from Y organizations
  • Interviewed X potential investors from Y organizations
  • Published X case studies
  • Earned $X revenue from Y organizations
  • Presented at X events
  • Published X articles in Y journals
  • Documented business processes in X tutorials and Y videos