CrossCompute's Commercial Electricity Load Estimator

In the ever-evolving realm of energy management, the need for efficient, accurate, and easy-to-use tools is more crucial than ever. Property owners, energy consultants, and facility managers, your search for a reliable electricity load estimation tool ends here. CrossCompute introduces a unique tool designed to estimate commercial electricity loads, tailored to your needs.

Accurate Energy Management with CrossCompute

CrossCompute’s new tool is expertly designed to estimate the electricity loads of commercial buildings, offering intuitive functionality and trustworthy calculations to simplify energy management.

At the heart of our tool is an innovative interface that allows you to input data relevant to your commercial buildings’ energy consumption.

How the Load Estimator Works

Our commercial electricity load estimator comprises a variety of input fields, each representing a crucial factor in determining energy loads. Choose your geographical location from various climate zones, ranging from ‘Hot Humid’ to ‘Subarctic’.

Also, you can input the number of buildings within specific categories such as hospitals, outpatient facilities, offices of different sizes, schools, restaurants, retail locations, hotels, and warehouses. A numerical input is required in these fields.

Once the necessary data is entered, just hit the “Continue” button to receive your results.

Decoding Your Results

Interpreting your results is just as straightforward. The tool offers valuable output values, including:

  • Peak Demand in Kilowatts, which represents the maximum power demand of the network at any time.
  • Consumption in Kilowatt Hours, the total energy consumption of the buildings over a specified period.
  • Load Profile, a graphical representation of the power load over time.
  • Load Profile 15m and 60m, these provide detailed load profile data in 15-minute and 60-minute intervals, respectively.

Connect with CrossCompute

Join us in our journey towards innovative, user-friendly electricity planning. At CrossCompute, your feedback is invaluable, and our dedicated support team is always ready to assist. If you need help or have questions about this tool or our other services, we’re here for you. Reach out to us at

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