CrossCompute's Production Tracking System

All-in-one solution for tracking and tracing your inventory.

Before, small businesses had to manually track and trace the development of their products, often requiring floor managers to walk around the facility to see which stations were running, had bottlenecks, or were down. This was inefficient and caused delays, increased overhead costs, and wasted raw materials.

Now, with CrossCompute’s Production Tracking System, a manager can easily track the progression of a product’s development in real-time, right from their workstation.

The Production Tracking System consists of two parts: a QR code system for each production station, and a dashboard for the manager. The system starts by assigning workers to production stations, which can be done by entering a simple comma-separated value for each pair of workers. The manager can then also enter details about the product being tracked at each particular station, such as its name, description, serial number, or product SKU.Next, workers at each station will generate a QR code to place and scan on the product.

As workers scan the code at their respective production station, the system continuously collects data and updates the manager’s dashboard. CrossCompute’s Production Tracking System’s dashboard then displays statistics for each individual station. Managers can now track production at each workstation or glance at the status of their entire production in real-time on their dashboard.

Whether you’re looking to supervise employee attendance, track product production, or manage inventory of raw materials, CrossCompute’s Production Tracking System has you covered. The CrossCompute Production Tracking System is now available to try at Launch Production Tracking System.

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