Extract Infrastructure from OpenStreetMap for Regions in South Sudan


We would like to be able to extract infrastructure geometries from OpenStreetMap.

Tool Arguments

  • Regions of South Sudan (CSV / KMZ / SHP.ZIP)
  • Region Attribute Name
  • Region Name
  • Desired Infrastructure
  • Desired Format (CSV / KMZ / SHP.ZIP)

Result Properties

  • Region Geometry rendered visually as a map
  • Region Geometry in Desired Format (CSV / KMZ / SHP.ZIP)


Rodrigo, thank you for creating a version of the requested tool. Here are suggestions:

  1. [Done] Prove that the tool runs as expected by pasting the result URL.
  2. [Done] Set the default Region Name to Morobo.
  3. [Done] Use { Name : Title ? Tooltip } in the tool template markdown to display human-friendly titles and tooltips for each argument.
  4. [Done] Be consistent with plurality in the Desired Infrastructure options. For example, either make all of the options plural or all of the options singular. Currently, everything is plural except building.
  5. [Done] Consider adding Desired Format (see specifications above).
  6. [Done] See if it is possible to update the algorithm so that it is possible to extract any region using TINY memory.
  7. [Done] Consider setting the tool name to “Extract Infrastructure from OpenStreetMap for Regions in South Sudan.”
  8. [Done] Render extracted geometries onto a satellite image base map. You can use either _streets_satellite_geotable or _satellite_geotable to render the Mapbox satellite image base map. For example, you can specify buildings_streets_satellite_geotable_path to help the user see where the data is incomplete.