How to Report Power Outages Online with PowerOutageTracker: A Free Web App by CrossCompute

Say goodbye to waiting on hold to report a power outage. CrossCompute has developed PowerOutageTracker, a free and user-friendly web app for reporting power outages online quickly and efficiently. By providing essential information to your electric utility company, you enable them to respond faster and restore power more effectively.

How PowerOutageTracker Simplifies Online Power Outage Reporting:

The PowerOutageTracker web app streamlines the process of online outage reporting by asking you to enter your phone number and pinpoint your location on a map. By giving accurate information, you assist utility companies in identifying the outage’s location and addressing the issue promptly. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, even during stressful power outages. Learn more about power outage management and prevention here.

How to Use PowerOutageTracker to Report Power Outages Online:

  1. Visit the PowerOutageTracker website: PowerOutageTracker - Report Power Outages Quickly and Easily | CrossCompute
  2. Drag and drop the map marker: Place the marker on your location on the map to help utility companies identify the outage’s location quickly.
  3. Enter your phone number: Input the phone number associated with your utility customer account.
  4. Click “Run”: Press the “Run” button to report the outage to your electric utility company.

Tips for Navigating Power Outages:

  1. Be prepared: Keep essential items like flashlights, batteries, and non-perishable food on hand in case of extended power outages.
  2. Keep your phone number handy: Having your phone number easily accessible allows for quick and efficient outage reporting.
  3. Accurate map marker placement: Ensure you place the map marker on your location accurately to help utility companies respond faster. Find more tips for dealing with power outages here.

Spread the Word and Get Support:

If you find PowerOutageTracker helpful, be sure to share it with others. Encourage friends and neighbors to use this online outage reporting tool to improve response times and help utility companies restore power even faster. For any questions or feedback about PowerOutageTracker, reach out to the CrossCompute team at

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